Stray Furriends 1.0

Stray Furriends 1.0

Hello furriends!

This is Talie, the hooman behind this brand! I will try to write about our adventures with our strays as much as I can so that more people can learn and know how to react, help or simply coexist with our massive stray animal community.

One of the main goals of the brand is to always be involved in the support of animal welfare in Egypt. And for that; 10% of our proceeds go to stray animal feeding, rescue & TNR foundations alongside other activities and collaborations supporting the cause. This constant conflict of our community to manage coexisting with our strays has been an interest of mine for a long time that I even did my university graduation project documentary about Stray Animal Welfare in Egypt.

Some of you may know that all of my current pets are rescues, not all rescued by myself but adopted. Aside from my own pets I always care for the surrounding animal community as much as my own and I strive to feed, protect and nurture them. And that is why I got the idea to write these blog posts to share more of our stray animals' adventures and furriends!

Featured in this picture is our resident stray cat Manga, He's been living on our premises for over three years now and sometimes we let him inside for a bit since he does not want to live inside (believe me we tried to adopt him inside). Manga has been neutered & vaccinated a couple of years ago and he is one of the friendliest and sweetest cats I have ever met and he managed to gain the friendship and trust of both our cats and our dog. Manga is a very important member in our feline family and we are so lucky he chose us to be his family even if he mostly lives outside protecting our area and keeping out unwanted intruders (yes no other cats are allowed through the fence) but to be honest he sometimes allows certain cats in and I don't know why but he is a sweet cat and shares his food with other cats. 


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