Kaloub & Kalouba after their TNR journey

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Hello Furriends!

How many people understand the importance and positive consequences of TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate then Release) ? Many people, in our culture, believe that its not our right to take away the animals' urge to mate or give birth. This however, has been proven to be of many positive health enhancing benefits especially to our stray animal community. 

 Months ago two new stray puppies around 4 months old appeared in our area, a male and a female who were clearly littermates (siblings). In a couple of weeks one more adult male dog appeared and the three became a lovely small pack. Just a few days later one of the puppies (the male) vanished and never came back. Its sad that we will never know what happened to this puppy but I am assuming nothing good since the two were inseparable buddies who were a bit scared of humans. Throughout those weeks I've been feeding the dogs and gaining their trust, the adult male is the sweetest and most trusting stray I have ever met, he jumps up and down wagging his tail as if we've known each other forever. 

A few months ago I arranged for their TNVR campaign thanks to our friends CNR New Cairo who setup the whole process and I only sponsored their expenses and helped calm the dogs on their catch day. Those two dogs now mean a lot to me and my reactive dog started liking them, they chose to be my dogs even if they don't live in my home but they depend on me to feed them, walk them and just give them love and make them feel safe. Kaloub and Kalouba are now spayed, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and anti flead living their best lives in an abandoned building next to ours. They have breakfast and cuddles every morning and they join our evening walks with Loza (our baladi dog). 

The point of this story is to say that, not all strays need rescue but all strays need to get (TNVR) spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Those two dogs are relatively safe even though I wish for them to have forever homes, but other dogs really need homes because they are sick, injured or unsafe in their area. Many foundations now help with getting stray dogs and cats TNVR and they simply need the financial support to do as many campaigns as they can. If you really want to help animals you can simply put up some dry food and water or contact a TNR foundation if the strays in your area need to get spayed/neutered, you can tell if they already have ear tags on it means they have already been to TNR. 

You can contact @cnrnewcairo on instagram to learn more. 

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