Our Story

Hello! I'm Talie,  the "hooman" behind this brand.

This project has been in the works for years given that taking care of my pets & creating hand made stuff has always been my thing, that’s where this brand came from.  

As we create any product, we have everyone in mind; our pets, pet parents, pet care takers and animal welfare supporters which is why all of our products are hand crafted to support our pets’ quality of life in a fun, efficient and authentic way. We started with pet tags because they are an essential accessory and it’s always been hard to find minimal pet tags that actually look and feel nice while fulfilling their purpose. 

One of our main goals is to always be involved in the support of animal welfare in Egypt. And for that; 10% of our proceeds go to animals' feeding, rescue & TNR foundations alongside other activities and collaborations supporting the cause. 

We are so proud & overwhelmed by the constant support we receive from our customers, and to thank you all we want to show off some of our sweet and beautiful furriends who became part of our growing family of pawrents & furriends.